Saving The World One House At A Time

Housing Tech For Social And Enviornmental Impact

Our Mission

The future as we see it is one where housing is accessible and sustainable for all, one where the greener choice is more affordable, and the way we live does not harm the planet. ModulusTech has started this journey by building self-sustaining communities for the most underserved segments of society, providing not just homes but better health, stability, and economic opportunities
The inhabitants are also provided the means to live their day to day lives with access to renewable sources of energy and clean water – forming a neutral carbon footprint. With our mission to provide sustainable living for all, we continue to foster innovation and strive to provide solutions for wide scale impact contributing to 12 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Core Team

Nabeel Siddiqui

CEO and Co-founder

M. Saquib

CTO and Co-founder

Yaseen Khalid

COO Co-founder

Gaity Ara Khalid

Creative Marketing Head

Miran Saifi

Business Development Manager


Our founders featured

in Forbes 30 under 30 list

Part of 2021’s UN Climate

Change Conference (COP26)

Saved more than 5,000,000

kg of CO2 emissions

Pakistan’s first Net-Zero

housing community(COP26)

Our Values


We build meaningful relationships with our stakeholders and foster teamwork to engineer the best solutions.


Everything we do, we do it with complete honesty and dedication. In our dealings with others, we maintain a high level of respect for people and the environment.

Social Impact

In the solutions we provide to our clients, we prioritize minimizing our footprint on earth and maximizing the positive impact of our projects.


Pioneering sustainable development in developing countries by building autonomous housing for the bottom of the pyramid.


People are our most important asset, and their safety is our foremost priority.

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Modulustech’s contruction is human-centred and innovative to deliver tangible and financial benefit to people as well as the Planet..