We’re Making Sustainable Living Comfortable And Convenient

Modulus Green Homes Features

The first-ever affordable Net-Zero housing community in Pakistan!

Insulated walls and roof
to regulate temperate

100 Square yards of

covered area

Net-Zero Houses powered

with solar energy

Integrated Wind catchers

for natural cooling

Assembled in as little

as one day

Material used conforms to

international building codes

Fire and earthquake


Property insurance

included with financing

Located in a gated


Floor plan

With a minimal design and an open floor plan Modulus Green Homes come with:


Two spacious bedrooms, one bath, a luxurious lounge, kitchen with an attached court, a second court connected to the lounge with an amazing view from both bedrooms. A place where you can rewind, that provides excellent ventilation and an outdoor experience from inside your house.

What more can you wish for in a home!

Ready to move in, Modulus Green Homes are the solution to sustainable living with the promise of comfort and all your housing needs being met

Floor plan

ModulusTech and GharHo join hands to facilitate the purchase of your new home. Built by ModulusTech and ready to be
financed by Gharho.

Starting at PKR 17,000 monthly

10 Years
20 Years

Total price (PKR)

PKR 3,000,000 (30 Lakhs)

PKR 3,000,000 (30 Lakhs)

Client contribution (15%)

PKR 450,000

PKR 450,000

Financing amount (85%)

PKR 2,550,000

PKR 2,550,000

Monthly Installment for First 5 Years at 5% per annum

PKR 27,047

PKR 16,829

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