Ever since mankind’s advance on earth, we have sought different ways to put a roof over our heads. From arranging leaf patterns to setting rock slabs to molding clay roofs to fashioning concrete structures, the way we build has continuously evolved. Unfortunately, as remarkable as this progress has been, equally as regressive has been its effects on our one shared home, Earth. Natural resources have been carelessly exploited to a point that we are now on the brink of a crisis. As populations have grown, so has the demand for land and housing. A basic human right has now become a luxury few can afford.


ModulusTech is on the front lines to address the ever-aggravating global challenge and to play its part in fighting global warming. Our patented technology, Intermesh, is a viable alternative to traditional building methods and with climate change on the rise, we must act responsibly by investing in environmentally friendly homes.

Housing Problem and Climate Change in numbers
How are we Disrupting the Market?
Our solution is as simple as it is ingenious: low-cost houses which are easily assembled, can be relocated anywhere, and, most importantly, leave behind a negligible carbon footprint. Thereby disrupting the housing market in Pakistan by creating affordable, eco-friendly, and autonomous houses for the bottom of the pyramid. For the price of the rent that these people pay, they will now be able to afford ownership of a two-bedroom house that costs only Rs 2,800,000 (with land and solar included). With this project, we are building a Net Zero community for the low-income groups at an unparalleled cost along with saving up to 1.5 million KGs of carbon emissions only in the first phase of the project.
How is a ModulusTech house different?
Social Empowerment



Studies suggest that communities with women-owned houses have fewer chances of separation while co-ownership results in fewer chances of default. Therefore, ModulusTech wants to empower the women of Pakistan by encouraging them through incentives to co-own these autonomous houses. With Reall’s investment, in phase 1 ModulusTech will deliver 19 green, fully serviced homes with title ownerships to women to provide them with a sense of security and belonging.

Disabled Community:


An alternative disability-friendly model with wheelchair access has especially been designed keeping in mind the needs of our disabled community, making our houses barrier-free and accessible for all. Moreover, ModulusTech has partnered with ConnectHear for deaf inclusion and accessibility, enabling the deaf community to own these affordable houses.


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Modulustech’s contruction is human-centred and innovative to deliver tangible and financial benefit to people as well as the Planet..